You Are the Apple of My Eye [Saito Asuka] (English Subtitles)

A heart warming romance story about the incidental love between a troublemaker named Kousuke Mizushima, and a dedicated model-student Mana Hayase (Saito Asuka).

Contributors :

Translator: Pic
QC: Mr Sakurai, Martin Calden
Timer: himetanslonelydimple

Bread, Bus and the Second First Love [Fukagawa Mai] (English Subtitles)

A story about a "lonely" girl with a unique point of view on relationships, and her reunion with a heartbroken and troubled guy, who happens to be her first love from back in middle school.

Ex-Nogizaka46 member, widely known as the group's Holy Mother, starring in this film that won her the award of "Best New Actress" at the TAMA Film Awards. 

Contributors :

Translator: Mr Sakurai
QC: Pic, Wingom
Timer: himetanslonelydimple

Making of Live in Tokyo Dome (English Subtitles)

A video documenting a historic moment for Nogizaka46, when they finally accomplished one of the group's goals and performed at the legendary Tokyo Dome.

Contributors :

Translator: Bertowski
QC/TLC: Mr Sakurai
Timer: himetanslonelydimple, SiopaoSniper

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