Poll #2 - Koujichuu won the last poll, now help us decide which episode!

Here's the newest poll to help us decide which Nogichuu episode we will sub!
You can select multiple options at once, but since there's quite a few, please limit your selections to about the 5 episodes that you MOST want to see translated. If you select every single one, that really won't get us anywhere 
For now, we will only sub one or two episodes, but we might translate the other high scoring ones in the future. Feel free to leave suggestions in the comments so I can keep adding them as options.
The poll will end in about 2 days 


i picked the backstage summer tour eps, ep 85 and the mother mai ep lol!

It could have been worse, at first we had planned to do it a single answer survey lol

We figured there's too many to choose from so we just made it a checkbox survey, where everyone selects their favorites and we still get to see which one(s) is the most requested :)

Good choices! Ep 85 seems to be one of the more popular selections so far :D

uhhmm why not sub the upcoming keyabingo 3?

@himetanslonelydimple it's because we all love hearing members reveal some dirt about the other members hahaha :D

Ep77 please! Nyaaaaaa-chan~ <3

Please translate Nanamin's 16 single campaign (Ep 78 - 80)

I'm not going to reveal what place it's in, but it's one of the top picks. So there's a pretty good chance we will sub it :)

Sorry, we will not translate any Keyakizaka content. We are a Nogizaka fansub ONLY.

You guys are doing God's work. Keep it up

any chance on translating Nogi Eigo Summer SP?