18th Single "Nogikoi Real" - Hori Miona (English Subtitles)

There really is no stop to how cute the Nogizaka members can be. Hori Miona's adorable interaction, as well as a silly and nervous "After Talk" after her performance.

Small update on our projects: We will pick up Nogizaka's newest MV once it's released, Himetan's Nogikoi video is finished and scheduled for this weekend, and a few other small projects for next week ;)

Contributors :
Timer: Hououin Pic
Translator: Bertowski
Typesetter: himetanslonelydimple
TLC: Quini


thank you Beam!

as always good quality :)

looking forward to your next release :D

I am looking forward to seeing Himeka's video and will any more nogikoi real videos be translated and posted online or is Himeka's video the last one?