Poll to choose what we will translate as a thanks for 1000 likes on Facebook!

Here is the poll where everyone will choose what episode we translate as a thanks for helping us reach 1000 likes on Facebook.
It is made up of suggestions we received from the last survey. We also received a lot of suggestions for Joshiraku Team Go Pt.2 and Documentary of 2016, both of which are projects that we have been working on, so those were excluded from the poll.

Read the poll info for the rules. The poll will close in around 3 days and we will announce the winner before we release the next NOGIBINGO episode.

Wider form of the poll: https://goo.gl/forms/bhQHFqK5SCPhhId13

(POLL HAS ENDED: Winner is Nogizaka Under Construction ep61 [Nogizaka Tourist in Chiba] -  Please look forward to the subtitles)


There is actually an English sub for Nogi Doko episode 127, although I have not gotten to that episode yet to see how good the translations are.


Thanks Beam!

the list is good :)
looking forward to the poll result :)

Are your hard sub vids 4k? It eats so much on my CPU memory.

Was there not enough interest in NogiTen for it to make the poll? That is unfortunate. Any sub is greatly appreciated though.

Looks like people wanted the bog standard NogiDoko or NogiChu with a little side of NogiEigo. WOuld've been nice to have seen something different. I know I requested something different and was saddened to see not one make it. Yeah any Nogi English sub is appreciated but I wish that some of the more obscure stuff would get its day as a translation.

I think we got a couple of Nogiten suggestions but both episodes were subbed, surprisingly.

Even NogiEigo was lightly suggested, I just ended up adding 3 or so more Eigo episodes than suggested so the poll wouldn't just be NogiDoko and Nogichuu.

Tbh from the beginning we all pretty much knew the winner was going to be a Nogichuu episode.

Hello Admin, can you make the sub for 'Boku no Shoudou' MV? I've searched for it, and still no result...

We've got enough projects as it is, so we aren't taking requests at the moment, sorry.

I forgot to participate in the poll, would also vote for Nogiten 2 (hard to pick, barely any was subbed), but the episode 36 seems quite touching and it's the last one with Himetan, so I hope it will be taken into consideration in the future.