Nogizaka46 - Documentary of 2016 (English and Spanish Subtitles)

 English      Español

A documentary highlighting Nogizaka46's activities throughout 2016. It includes graduations, updates on members' lives as idols, live concert footage, a new and promising generation, and more. Also, some good news, we will be subbing Asahinagu :)

Contributors :
Translators: Bertowski, john773
Timer: SiopaoSniper, Hououin Pic
Typesetter: himetanslonelydimple
QC/TLC: Yukirin Worlder
Español: BlindAstaroth, himetanslonelydimple
Song Lyrics: Studio48


¿Cual es el nombre de la canción que interpreta Matsumura al final del documental?
PD: Me encantó sigan así ^^

Thank you very much, and looking forward for Asahinagu :)

La cancion se llama "Mukuchi na Lion" (無口なライオン) y es parte del noveno single de Nogizaka "Natsu no Free & Easy"

Y gracias por el apoyo :)

Thank you :)
i never thought that someone will sub this :)
great as ever thank you so much :)

looking forward to asahinagu

Thank you for deciding to take on Asahinagu! I'm looking forward to it!

damn i miss maimai :<

Absolute gem of a documentary. I'd go so far as to calling it the golden year of Nogizaka. Thanks for subbing this!

any news about good enough?

is he made new account again? or quit?

He made a new account. It's being shared among people on forums and other places so ask, but I won't post it here to avoid it being taken down again.

do you have a facebook or other social media that i could reach you at? sorry for bothering you but tbh i really need it

They're the first things on our site's sidebar lol

or but I don't really reply there as often, I just use it to post our releases.

looking foward for asahinagu! thank you for all the time and effort give a high quality subs for the nogizaka's fans :)

Hey, the video is down. Is it possible to reupload? Thanks so much!

This is the second time the video has been taken down from Google Drive. I will see if there's another site we can use to upload it.

Problem is, the video is over 1 hour long so it exceeds the cap that most streaming sites have. Meanwhile, you can try downloading the video while we fix things.

Thank you for letting us know :)

Does the documentary end with Matsumura or is there a continuation?

Sorry for the late reply.
It ends there. There is no continuation.

please reupload :(

the video is down :(