Asahinagu Live Action (English and Spanish Subtitles)

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Asahinagu, based on the popular manga series by the same name, follows a timid girl named Tojima Asahi and her journey to improve herself by joining her school's naginata club.

If possible, please support the film by purchasing a copy. Below we will leave a couple of online options that ship internationally. 

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Contributors :
Translator: Bertowski
Timer, Typesetter:
TLC: Yukirin Worlder
Song Translation: Wingom
Español: BlindAstaroth, himetanslonelydimple


Any chance of softsubs so we can watch with the blu-ray instead of a less than ideal web-dl? It would be much appreciated.

Thank you very much for your hard work!

can we have softsub please, want to watch it with bluray copy :)

^^^^^ ungrateful piece of ****

thank you as always for the hardwork, really appreciate it

Great sub as always :)

thank you

will looking forward to your next sub :)

MUCHAS GRACIAS!! Increíble trabajo! ❤️

As I said in small text at the very bottom of the post, if you want the softsubs send us an email or PM us via our social media accounts.

Quería verla.
Muchas gracias por vuestro trabajazo!!!

muchas gracias, me ha gustado bastante la peli

Thank you so much from Italy!

waiting for saito asuka version >.<
thank you for English translation.

Well they did announce that the stage version will be released in Blu-ray & DVD at a later time. However, no official date has been given.

At the time we don't know if we will translate it though. It all depends on if a translator is interested in the project. even though it's basically the same as the movie.

The video is not available anymore :(

I will upload another streaming version as soon as possible. Thanks for letting us know :)

Hey, do you plan to sub the stage version? Thanks for the sub

Gracias por la película, me gustó muchísimooo <3