Nogizaka46 - Kokoro no Monologue (English and Spanish Subtitles)

 English      Español

Nishino Nanase's and Shiraishi Mai's duet from the 21st single. A song about a struggling couple and their lack of communication, which leads to some pretty absurd events in the music video!

Also, we'd just like to announce that we will be subbing Shiraishi Mai's "another sky" episode. It is currently being worked, so please look forward to it :)

Contributors :
Translator: Wingom
Timer, Karaoke:
Hououin Pic
Typesetter: himetanslonelydimple
Español: BlindAstaroth, himetanslonelydimple

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  1. will you guys be subbing sankaku no akichi as well?

    1. Yes, we plan to do all of the MVs that were released for this single.


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