3 Members on a Journey - Asuka, Manatsu, and Momoko (English and Spanish Subtitles)

 English      Español

Asuka, Manatsu, and Momoko head out on an adventure through Miyazaki prefecture, and along the way they make a surprise stop at a nearby place that's home to one of the members.

Update: NOGIBINGO!10 will start airing weekly very soon. For now the plan is to sub it along side our good friend Good Enough Subs. We hope you all look forward to it!

Contributors :
Translator: Bertowski
QC, TLC: Mr Sakurai
Timer, Typesetter: himetanslonelydimple
Español: BlindAstaroth


Thanks, this is one of the most awaited things to be subbed :)
i totally enjoy this bonus from 20th so much,
nogibingo 10 is right up ahead, but still wish that beam will continue the 20th bonus someday :)

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Thank You BeamSubs Team. I really appreciate your works.

You guys are awesome, thank you! Any chance you'll be doing the other 20th bonus vids?

thank yuo for the sub guys..

hope you will sub NOGIBINGO!10 when it aired

Probably not anytime soon. Nogibingo 10 starts next week and we plan to focus on that and release it weekly.

Maybe after this season ends we will consider doing more, but that would be in about 3 months since that's when Bingo 10 ends.

These videos are really fun to watch, we will definitely consider it once Bingo 10 ends :)

Thanks for the subs. Manattan is such a lovely lady.

Good stuff! Thanks!!

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