Zambi episode 10 FINAL (English Subtitles)

Kaede, Minori, Hijiri, and the plagued Freesia Academy, conclude their suspenseful misfortune with the Zambi curse.

Contributors :

Translator: Bertowski
QC/TLC: Mr Sakurai
Typesetter: himetanslonelydimple


I an a biggest fans of Nogizaka46 music and their song also their drama is a great work job well done.

Thank you So much for this sub.

Thank you for this full episode of Zambi, will looking forward to your next project :)

Thank for subbing all of this. Zombie idols are sexy.

Thank you as always for the subs! Your hard work is greatly appreciated!

Thank you once again, Beam crew.

:-( I cried when Hijiri protected Kaede from the blast!

Thanks for completing the series.