We need help!

We're recruiting for all positions!

With Nogi's 2nd Docu coming out soon & some pending projects we have, we've decided to seek out help from the community.

View below for more info.
If you're interested or have any questions feel free to message us on any of our social sites.

Short summary of tasks we need help with and some simple requirements:

JAP/ENG Translators - Decent proficiency with your Japanese. Confidence being important, since we have a team of experienced subbers and translators that always check over translations before release and are available for help/guidance. Some free time.

Timers - Basic knowledge with Aegisub preferred, but not essential since we can teach you. Ability to follow conversations, basic Japanese helps a lot but is not needed. 

Typesetters: Good knowledge with Aegisub or basic knowledge with aspirations to learn. You will be dealing with trying to replicate animations or styling used in the videos. It can get complicated at times, but nothing that can't be taught.

You can contact us at: