Mr Sakurai: Experienced subber and contributor to the Nogizaka community. Involved with various projects like NOGIBINGO!10, Zambi, etc.

himetanslonelydimpleTimer, Typesetter, and Spanish Translator. One of BEAM's founders.

xin: Recently joined as a translator, also does some stuff on her own. Click on her name to search for some of her solo projects.

Sakubo: Recently joined as a timer.

mastampansRecently joined as a timer.

WingomTranslator, involved in translating Music Videos that are released with every single.

QueenachimaTranslator, involved in Personal PVs, Joshiraku, and Blog Translations.

Hououin PicTimer / Karaoke Timer, involved in Music Videos and other shows.

Bertowski: Translator, involved in big projects like NOGIBINGO, Asahinagu, Documentary of 2016, etc.

Yukirin WorlderTranslator and Translation Checker, one of BEAM's founders.

QuiniTranslator, one of BEAM's founders and also responsible for creating the fansub's art and banners.