Bertowski "B": Translator, involved in big projects like NOGIBINGO, Asahinagu, Documentary of 2016, etc.

Yukirin WorlderTranslator and Translation Checker, one of BEAM's founders.

QueenachimaTranslator, involved in Personal PVs, Joshiraku, and Blog Translations.

Wingom: Translator, involved in translating Music Videos that are released with every single.

himetanslonelydimple: Timer, Typesetter, and Spanish Translator. One of BEAM's founders.

QuiniTranslator, one of BEAM's founders and also responsible for creating the fansub's art and banners.

Hououin Pic: Timer / Karaoke Timer, involved in Music Videos and other shows.

BlindAstaroth: Spanish Translator, involved in most of the Spanish translations that are released.

john773: Translator and Translation Checker, a devoted Umezawa Minami fan.

SiopaoSniper: Timer, involved variety shows and other big projects.

Zaka: Translator and Translation Checker, experienced Nogizaka46 subber.